Richard C.

We needed to replace our roof in 2010. After researching material options, we settled on a metal standing seam design then started looking for a contractor. Several companies were considered including those who had worked on homes in our neighborhood. We contacted the homeowner of a roof that we particularly liked and they provided us with contact information on Karl *******. Karl met with us to go over radiant barrier decking, materials, pattern options, colors as well as how the replacement would be carried out. Our previous roof was aluminum shingles covering the original wood shingles. We reviewed various proposals and selected Karl’s. After removing two old types of roofing, while keeping the grounds clean of debris at the end of each day, they installed a complete radiant barrier decking, moisture barrier and Galvalume standing seam panels. Fashia boards were replaced as needed and about 24 soffit vents were installed to assist in attic ventilation. After the project was completed, the attic is much cooler and we have also enjoyed savings on our utility bills. Follow-up has been great including installing ventilation in the garage and power washing the roof.