The elegance of an aluminum shingle roof is simply unsurpassed.

Aluminum roofing has the look of a hand-split wood shingle without all the maintenance and problems associated with wood shingles. Aluminum shingles will not crack, erode, or curl on the edges like conventional roofing will. Some aluminum shingles will even give the appearance of slate or tile roofing without the extreme weight associated with these materials. Aluminum roofing weighs a mere 1/2 lb per square foot. Slate or tile roofing weighs approximately 8 lbs to 15 lbs a square foot. Not every roof structure can support the weight of a heavy slate or tile roof.

Our aluminum shingle are 100% American made and also come from 95% recycled material. Aluminum shingles, with their built in air space, are probably the most environmentally friendly roofing material on the market today. Installing an aluminum roof can cut down on your electric usage approximately 30%. Aluminum shingles are durable, and with their four sided interlocking system and concealed fasteners, they will withstand high winds and driving rains when other shingle roofs fail.