The Most “GREEN” and Environmentally Friendly Roof

Metal roofing is arguably by far the most “green” and environmentally friendly roof you can have on your home or business. Unlike asphalt roofing, which is petroleum based and emits harmful and volatile gasses into the atmosphere. Metal roofing is manufactured from 60% to 90% recycled materials, and has zero out-gases. Metal roofing is about as non toxic as it comes. Metal roofing can be installed directly on top of your existing old roof, saving you the cost of removal. If your asphalt roof needs to be removed we will bring the materials to a local recycling facility. Our landfills are inundated daily with literally tons of old torn-off conventional roofing and Strictly Metal Roofing have worked hard to make that old process a thing of the past. Our crews will also recycle the metal roofing scrap materials left over after we completed a roof installation to insure we are doing our part in helping our environment.