Diana S.

For a few different reasons, I finally decided to go with metal roofing on my home and it was the shingled roofing company that did my present roof who actually referred me to Strictly Metal Roofing. I had also stopped by my insurance company around the corner from my work place who had their roof done by Karl at Strictly Metal Roofing because the roof they did for them turned out so nice. I even chose the same color roof as theirs because it looked so good. I really wanted a roof that not only would last a lot longer, but would be cheaper on my insurance and be better for my electric bill. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen a drop in my electric bill already in just the few short months that I’ve had the roof on, which was installed between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2016. They also removed my old roof and installed a new ridge vent and during the process, and understandably so, got some debris down into my attic which Karl’s son diligently took care of cleaning up for me. Besides me loving my new roof, my neighbors have said that it looks great as well.