Terry Porter

In a subdivision close to where I just built my house, I noticed a sign for Strictly Metal Roofing so I called on them. Because I use to install metals roofs myself back in the 80’s, I know quality work when I see it, and this was definitely a quality job. So we hired them just a few months ago. In my trade especially, I know what it’s like to keep the job site clean and Karl’s guys did just that. They even carried trash bags with them and I never had to pick up anything ever, which really impressed me. These guys were rock solid. They arrived when they said they would, there were no slow-downs, no waiting and they never stopped.
Because I tried to build a maintenance free house, I knew I just had to go with a metal roof. I wasn’t going to go through replacing roofs again like I did on my last house, which was 3 times in the last 23 years. Metal roofs last and especially with the quality material that Strictly Metal Roofing uses. They even bent their own 24 gauge metal for the flashing, instead of the flimsy store bought product. And with the penetrations in the roof, such as plumbing, for example, Karl was a stickler for making sure everything was done correctly, so there’d be no leaks and positioned them to the back of the house for aesthetics. I’m gonna’ turn them on to anyone who wants a metal roof that lasts!