Irene Velasquez

Just a few months back, we had Karl Stickle and his company, Strictly Metal Roofing, install a metal roof over our front porch. Since we had seen this look on other homes, we knew it would be a good fit for ours. We chose them because we were very impressed with Karl’s quick response to our inquiries and the quality of work he had done for others. Because they were one of a few metal roofers that offered residential work, providing proof on an impressive website with photos and testimonials, we felt satisfied and hired them. The gentlemen performed the work responsibly and cleared the work site up each day, which we have found with other contractors, is not always the case. They used quality materials and made sure the fitting of the metal roof went well (waterproofing and sealing up against our brick) with our new home that my dad, a home builder, put together for us. We’ve since referred Strictly Metal Roofing to our dad as well as a neighbor, whose son is building a new home too. Karl has also returned because we needed additional work done and we’re very pleased with the nature of his work.