A Premium Roof

Strictly Metal Roofing delivers premium metal roofing of the highest quality that will greatly increase the value of your home. We are fully insured and bonded for your protection. When deciding on a new metal roof, choose Strictly Metal Roofing.


Installation with Simple Framing

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It was after hurricane Ike that Mr. & Mrs. Clark had some concerns that they may have sustained roof damage and called us for a free roof inspection. Upon our inspection we discovered substantial storm damage to their aluminum roof. They contacted their insurance company and an adjuster was sent out to assess the damage. I met with the adjuster and after we walked the roof it was visually obvious to us that the Clarks were in need of a new roof. With efficiency and success, Strictly Metal Roofing worked with the insurance company to process their claim from start to finish.

Standing Seam Roof

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Mr. & Mrs. Clark were shown a variety of “Cool Roofing” color samples and they chose a 24 gauge Standing Seam roof panel. With standing seam’s contemporary style and it’s proven performance, the Clarks now have a worry-free roof for many years to come!

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